London Bandits Complaint Process (London Bandits)

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London Bandits Complaint Process 
For Parents/Spectators 

Step 1. Complaint to parent rep

Step 2. Complaint to coach

Step 3. Complaint to convenor

Step 4. Complaint to VP of House league or VP of Competitive Convenor

Step 5. Complaint to Discipline committee.

Step 6. Complaint to Board of Directors

With step 5 any parent or legal guardian with reason to complain shall submit their complaint in writing to the Board of Directors along with a $50.00 fee. The complaint shall be tabled at the next regular meeting of the Board, unless the Board shall determine that expedience be required, in which case a special meeting of the Board shall be called to hear the complaint. (Form filled out online London Bandits Complaint form

In the event that the Board determines that a hearing is necessary, the complainant and the person or persons complained about shall be notified of the time and place of such meeting and shall have the right to appear at the meeting and be heard.

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