2022 Board Nominations (London Bandits)

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** Please note that in order to be on the board of directors, you need to have a valid police check and also be in good standing  meaning no outstanding fees that needs to be paid to the association.  

3.9 No person may be nominated for, acclaimed to or elected to the position of President, Vice President Vice President of Competitive, Vice President of House League, Ice Convenor, Registrar, Treasurer, Tournament directors, or Director of Risk Management unless that person has served as an Officer or Director of the Association in the last one (1) year of three (3) years in the London Bandits. If the nominee has not served as an Officer or Director of the Association for the previous  one (1) year of three (3) years in the London Bandits the nominee must prove competency and demonstrate the ability to fulfill the role. This nominee would need to be pre-approved by a vote by the current London bandits board members prior to the AGM.




President   ( 2 year Term)

Accepted  Jack Boyce


Vice President (2 year term 2022-2024)

Graham Babbage

Sara Hunter

Director of Risk Management  and Health and Safety Personnel (2 years term 2022-2024)

  Vicky Bossenberry
accepted   Tina Barnes 


Accept   Michelle Drown 


Decline  Luisa Gould
    Vicky Bossenberry
  declined  Tina Gathercole 

Registrar 2 Needed  

 Registrar 1 ( 2 year Term 2021-2023) Accepted  Sara Gilmore
 Registrar 2 - (2022-2024) Accepted  Luisa Gould
   accepted Lynsey Lamont  

Ice Convenor  -  2 year Term (2021-2023)

Accepted  Don Drown

 Vp of Competitive (2021-2023)

Accepted   Suzanne Whitmore

 VP of House league 2 year term (2022-2024)

accepted Mark Lamont
  decline Kevin Caulfield
  Undecided  Gary Chenier 

Player Coach Development

decline Chris Ferguson 
  Declined Kevin Caulfield

 Tournament Director  ( 2 year Term 2021-2023

accepted  Kim Tilford

 Equipment Director

Undecided    Veronique Parent 
    Vicky Bossenberry  

 Initiation Program - U7


Novice House league Convenor- U9


Atom House league Convenor- U11

accepted   Jen Ziegler

Peewee House league Convenor - U13 

  Brandon Hubbard 

Bantam House league Convenor - U15 

 undecided Gary Chenier  

Midget/Juvenile Convenor - U 21

  Darren Colwell

MD Novice- Peewee Convenor U 13

  Tina Barnes 

MD- Bantam -Midget Convenor  U19 


Directors at Large (3)  

Accept   Lynsey Lamont  
   Decline Cara Chafee 
  Accept   Gayle Moore 
  Accept   Pam McNichol  
  accept  Veronique Parent 
  Decline   Zoe Gardiner 
  decline  Sarah Santos 
 Lifetime Members  ( 10 years experience) (Active)  accept   Gary chenier  
    Nancy Putzer 
  accept  Michelle Drown 


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