Rules and Regulations, Early Bird Tournament, 2013-14 (London Bandits)

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1. Rosters/Player Cards & Travel Permits:


All teams must present a printed approved roster and Travel Permit to the Tournament Officials at least one hour prior to the first game. Even if you have emailed a roster, you must present the documents in printed form when arriving.

 Any falsifying of player cards or improper rosters will result in automatic disqualification of said player from the Tournament and forfeiture of all games in which the player was used. 

Only players whose name appears on the approved roster will be allowed to play.  If AP players are needed for the tournament they must appear on your approved roster submitted prior to the first game when the coach signs in.

 Teams require a minimum of 6 skaters and 1 goalie to begin a game. Referees may not start the game if a team does not meet this requirement.


2. Pre-Game Requirements:

 Teams are to be at the arena with sufficient time to check in and complete documents, game sheets, etc. with the Tournament Officials (1 hour prior to first game, 45 minutes prior to all other games).
Teams must be ready to begin their games 15 minutes prior to scheduled start. Games will begin as soon as the ice becomes available, no more than 15 minutes ahead of schedule.


3. Game Format:

 All games will consist of two 10-minute stop-time periods and one 15 minute (3rd) stop time period. Games will have a 70-minute curfew imposed. The timekeeper will record the start time of the game on the game sheet, accurate to the minute, with the buzzer sounding immediately following the first whistle after 70 minutes or during a stoppage in play at that time.


Mercy Rule:

 Should there be a 5 goal differential at any time during the 3rd period, the clock
will run straight time until the end of the game OR until such time as the score is separated by 4 or less goals, at which time, normal stop time will resume. This rule will apply ONLY to round robin and Semi Final playoff games. NOT CHAMPIONSHIP GAMES.


The highest goal differential that will be acnowledged is 10 goals in a game. If the score differential exceeds 10 goals in a game, the official scoring record will show the differential as only 10 goals. This is to dissuade teams from running up the score.


Game Forfeitures:

Forfeit games will be recorded as 2-0. Forfeits will result when a game has not begun by the end of grace period due to lateness, or non-arrival of a team. Teams who forfeit games due to violation of our hotel policy will also be scored as 2 – 0.

Fighting Ejections:

C.H.A/O.H.F/M.H.A.O (Alliance) Rules and Regulations apply to all games with the exception of Major Fighting penalties Fighting will carry an automatic full tournament suspension.

Sweater Colors and Conflicts:

It is the responsibility of the team designated as ‘HOME’ on the game sheet to verify the color of the Visiting teams jerseys and to make alternate arrangements if there is a conflict.

8. Protests:

No protests are allowed and decisions by Tournament Director and/or Committee Officials will be final.

9. Timeouts:

Teams are NOT permitted timeouts in Round Robin games.
In Semi Final and Championship games, each team will be allowed ONE timeout.



 Round Robin Team Points Tie Breaker:

1) Head to head – winner advances

2) TOTAL GOALS FOR added to TOTAL GOALS AGAINST divided into TOTAL GOALS FOR. Highest average advances (see chart in the office)

3) Lowest goals against advances

4) Most Goals For advances

5) Fastest Goal in first game advances

6) Team from the farthest destination advances

7) Team with the loudest Moms advances


Playoff Games Tied at the End of Regulation:

The clock will be set for one (1) minute.

Teams will play overtime with the following guidelines.

1st minute - 4 on4 (plus goalies)

2nd minute - 3 on 3 (plus goalies)

3rd minute - 2 on 2 (plus goalies)

4th minute - 1 on 1 (plus goalies)

If nothing is decided after the 4th minute, one minute periods will continue 1 on 1 plus a goalie.

During any overtime period a team may select to pull their goalie and replace them with a player.

A buzzer at the end of each minute will require any players on the ice at that time to change. During the minute of overtime play, players may be substituted any number of times.

All penalties acquired during overtime will trigger an immediate penalty shot for the player who was victimized on the play.

If the shooter does not score, the offending player must remain in the penalty box for the remainder of that overtime minute.

Penalties from regulation time will carry over in to the first minute of overtime as needed. The penalized player’s team will play one man short. If the player has still not served all of his penalty time by the end of the first minute, he will remain in the box until his time has been served. His team will ONLY be penalized a man during the first minute of overtime.

Team Withdrawal, Refund Policy:

Any team withdrawing from the tournament will forfeit their $200 deposit. If a Team withdraws from the tournament and we are able to replace their spot with another team, we will refund whatever amount we are able to collect to fill the spot – meaning we may be required fill the spot by discounting the registration cost. (i.e. we fill a spot but collect $400, your team would receive a $200 refund) If a spot cannot be filled, the withdrawing team will forfeit ALL monies paid.

There will be no refunds for any team removed from the tournament by tournament officials.

Should a team official become abusive, belligerent, or in volition of the Hockey Canada Fair Play Code of Conduct and subsequently be removed from the game by an on ice official, but refuse to leave the playing area or continue with said actions, we would have no choice except to forfeit the game and remove the team from the tournament.

It is important that all coaches make their players, staff, and parents aware of the Code of Conduct now in effect at all London Arenas. Links are available at the top of your schedule page.  This will be strictly enforced to ensure we have an enjoyable positive tournament environment.


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