Schedule & Results, Dan Pulham Tournament 2018, 2018-2019 (London Bandits)

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DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Friday, November 30, 2018
Novice AE/17:30 AMNICHB London Bandits3-3Oakridge Aeros
Novice AE/27:30 AMWF CC Newmarket Redmen0-7North Toronto Novice
Minor Atom37:45 AMTONY GLHA Select3-7Leaside Flames Red
Minor Atom48:00 AMARGA Woodstock Navy Vets1-8Kitchener Jr Rangers
Minor Atom58:00 AMCar Waterloo Wolves2-2Leaside Flames Gold
Minor Novi68:15 AMNICHA London Bandits0-0Leaside Flames
Atom Selec108:30 AMHANS Oakville Orange Crush2-4GLHA Selects 2
Atom Selec118:30 AMSTR B Burlington Bulldogs2-2Waterloo Wolves
Atom AE/MD78:30 AMNICHC London Bandits3-1Oakridge Aeros MD
Atom AE/MD88:30 AMARGB Engleheart Express Lions0-5Whitby Wildcats
Atom Selec98:30 AMCAR B GLHA Selects 13-1Leaside Flames Atom Red
Minor Peew128:45 AMNICHB Oakville Green Select2-1George Bell White
Minor Peew138:45 AMWF CC George Bell Red0-5Meadowvale Hawks ME 062
Minor Peew149:00 AMTONY GLHA Select6-2Oakville Rangers Lemieux
Peewee Sel159:00 AMStro A George Bell Peewee Select1-4Kitchener Jr Rangers
Peewee Sel169:15 AMARGA Victoria Village 4-2MHMHA Peewee Blues
Peewee Sel179:15 AMCar Burlington Jr Cougars3-6Forest Hill Select
Minor Novi189:30 AMNICHA Meadowvale Hawks0-0Oakridge Aeros
Peewee Sel199:45 AMNICHC Burlington Bulldogs5-2Oakville Mustangs
Minor Bant209:45 AMCAR B GLHA Select7-0Etobicoke Bulldogs
Minor Bant219:45 AMARGB Kitchener Rangers Blue4-4Oakville Rangers Flyers
Minor Bant229:45 AMHANS Oakville Rangers Giglio4-4Don Mills Mustangs
Minor Bant239:45 AMSTR B Burlington Bulldogs2-6North York Knights
Minor Bant2410:00 AMNICHB Vaughan Rangers White2-2Scarborough Ice Raiders Black
Bantam Rep2510:00 AMWF CC London Bandits3-2Willowdale Blackhaws
Bantam Rep2610:15 AMTONY Meadowvale Hawks0-1Applewood Coyotes
Bantam Sel2710:15 AMStro A GLHA Select8-1George Bell Titans Select
Bantam Sel2810:30 AMARGA Unionville Jets5-1East York Bulldogs Select
Bantam Sel2910:30 AMCar Golden Hawks Select Gold1-5Kitchener Jr Rangers
Minor Novi3010:45 AMNICHA North London Nationals0-0Erindale Spitfires
Bantam Sel3111:00 AMARGB Ted Reeve Torandos (NYHL) 1-6Oakville Rangers
Midget Sel3211:00 AMNICHC Duffield Devils White Select4-3Etobicoke Bulldogs Select
Midget Sel3311:00 AMCAR B Victoria Village 2002 Select2-2Scarborough Ice Raiders Select Black
Midget Sel3411:00 AMHANS Duffield Devils Black Select1-6Vaughan Rangers White - Select
Midget Sel3511:00 AMSTR B Duffield Devils Silver0-5Whitby Wildcats Select
Midget AE/3611:15 AMNICHB Orangeville Midget MD1-3Brampton 45s MD
Midget Sel3711:15 AMWF CC Dofasco Steelhawks - Select6-0Leaside Red Select
Midget AE/3811:30 AMTONY Halton Hills Thunder MD1-1Newmarket Midget MD
Minor Peew3911:30 AMStro A St Catherines Jr Falcons6-1Meadowvale Hawks
Minor Peew4011:45 AMARGA Erie North Shore4-1Applewood Coyote
Minor Bant4111:45 AMCar London Bandits MD4-1Burlington Bulldogs MD
Minor Bant4212:00 PMNICHA North London MD1-2Newmarket Redmen MD
Minor Bant4312:15 PMARGB Kitchener Rangers MD4-0Brampton MD 45s
Minor Midg4412:15 PMCAR B Dofasco Steelhawks - Select5-4Meadowvale 102
Minor Midg4512:15 PMNICHC Kitchener Jr Rangers1-5Vaughan Rangers Red
Minor Midg4612:15 PMHANS York Mills Rangers9-2Meadowvale Golden Knights 104
Minor Midg4712:15 PMSTR B Port Credit Storm2-0Oakville Gryphons
Minor Atom4812:30 PMNICHB Leaside Flames Gold2-2GLHA Select
Minor Midg4912:30 PMWF CC Scarborough Ice Raiders2-5Whitby Wildcats
Novice AE/5012:45 PMTONY Oakridge Aeros 0-5North Toronto Novice
Novice AE/5112:45 PMStro A Newmarket Redmen0-7London Bandits
Minor Atom521:00 PMARGA Leaside Flames Red8-1Woodstock Navy Vets
Minor Midg531:00 PMCar Burlington Bulldogs3-2Goulding Park Rangers White
Minor Novi541:15 PMNICHA Leaside Flames0-0Oakridge Aeros
Atom Selec551:30 PMARGB Leaside Flames Atom Red2-5Vaughan Blue
Atom Selec561:30 PMCAR B GLHA Selects 13-3Oakville Orange Crush
Atom Selec571:30 PMNICHC GLHA Selects 21-1Burlington Bulldogs
Minor Peew581:30 PMHANS Oakville Rangers Lemieux1-8Westhill Golden Hawks Select
Minor Peew591:30 PMSTR B Meadowvale Hawks ME 0623-1Oakville Green Select
Minor Peew601:45 PMNICHB George Bell Red1-4GLHA Select
Minor Atom611:45 PMWF CC Kitchener Jr Rangers1-1Waterloo Wolves
Atom AE/MD622:00 PMTONY London Bandits7-0Engleheart Express Lions
Atom AE/MD632:15 PMARGA Oakridge Aeros MD8-1Whitby Wildcats
Peewee Sel642:15 PMCar MHMHA Peewee Blues4-0George Bell Peewee Select
Minor Novi652:30 PMNICHA Erindale Spitfires0-0London Bandits
Peewee Sel662:45 PMARGB Kitchener Jr Rangers0-3Victoria Village
Peewee Sel672:45 PMCAR B Oakville Mustangs9-2Burlington Jr Cougars
Peewee Sel682:45 PMNICHC Forest Hill Select1-7Burlington Bulldogs
Minor Bant692:45 PMHANS Etobicoke Bulldogs0-7Kitchener Rangers Blue
Minor Bant702:45 PMSTR B Oakville Rangers Flyers6-3GLHA Select
Minor Bant713:00 PMNICHB Don Mills Mustangs0-2Burlington Bulldogs
Minor Bant723:00 PMWF CC Vaughan Rangers White1-1Oakville Rangers Giglio
Bantam Rep733:15 PMTONY Applewood Coyotes4-6London Bandits
Minor Bant743:30 PMARGA North York Knights3-2Scarborough Ice Raiders Black
Bantam Rep753:30 PMCar Willowdale Blackhaws4-3Meadowvale Hawks
Minor Novi763:45 PMNICHA Meadowvale Hawks0-0North London Nationals
Bantam Sel774:00 PMCAR B George Bell Titans Select0-7Unionville Jets
Midget Sel784:00 PMHANS Kitchener Jr Rangers Select3-2Scarborough Ice Raiders Select
Midget Sel794:00 PMARGB Victoria Village Select1-2Vaungh Rangers Blue - Select
Midget Sel804:00 PMSTR B George Bell White1-3Vaughan Rangers Red - Select
Midget Sel814:15 PMWF CC Etobicoke Bulldogs Select2-7Duffield Devils Black Select
Midget AE/824:30 PMTONY Newmarket Midget MD1-1Orangeville Midget MD
Bantam Sel834:45 PMARGA East York Bulldogs Select0-6Kitchener Jr Rangers
Bantam Sel845:00 PMNICHA Ted Reeve Torandos (NYHL) 1-4GLHA Select
Bantam Sel855:15 PMCAR B Golden Hawks Select Gold0-7Oakville Rangers
Midget Sel865:15 PMARGB Scarborough Ice Raiders Select Black3-3Duffield Devils White Select
Midget Sel875:15 PMHANS Vaughan Rangers White - Select8-3Duffield Devils Silver
Midget Sel885:30 PMWF CC Whitby Wildcats Select7-0Victoria Village 2002 Select
Midget AE/895:45 PMTONY Brampton 45s MD3-0Halton Hills Thunder MD
Minor Peew906:00 PMARGA Meadowvale Hawks3-4Erie North Shore
Minor Peew916:15 PMNICHA Applewood Coyote1-7St Catherines Jr Falcons
Atom Selec926:30 PMCAR B Waterloo Wolves4-3Vaughan Blue
Minor Peew936:30 PMARGB Westhill Golden Hawks Select2-1George Bell White
Minor Bant946:30 PMHANS Burlington Bulldogs MD3-2North London MD
Minor Bant956:45 PMWF CC Brampton MD 45s4-4London Bandits MD
Minor Bant967:00 PMTONY Newmarket Redmen MD0-2Kitchener Rangers MD
Minor Midg977:15 PMARGA Vaughan Rangers Red5-3Dofasco Steelhawks - Select
Minor Midg987:30 PMNICHA Meadowvale Golden Knights 1041-0Kitchener Jr Rangers
Minor Midg1007:45 PMARGB Oakville Gryphons2-2York Mills Rangers
Minor Midg1017:45 PMHANS Scarborough Ice Raiders2-7Goulding Park Rangers White
Minor Midg997:45 PMCAR B Meadowvale 1022-2Port Credit Storm
Minor Midg1028:00 PMWF CC Whitby Wildcats3-1Burlington Bulldogs
Midget Sel1038:15 PMTONY Scarborough Ice Raiders Select1-1Victoria Village Select
Midget Sel1048:30 PMARGA George Bell White2-0Dofasco Steelhawks - Select
Midget Sel1059:00 PMCAR B Vaungh Rangers Blue - Select1-1Kitchener Jr Rangers Select
Midget Sel1069:00 PMARGB Leaside Red Select1-1Vaughan Rangers Red - Select
Saturday, December 1, 2018
Minor Novi1078:00 AMNICHA Leaside Flames0-0Erindale Spitfires
Atom Selec1088:15 AMNICHC GLHA Selects 23-2Waterloo Wolves
Atom Selec1098:15 AMHANS Burlington Bulldogs3-2Oakville Orange Crush
Atom Selec1108:30 AMARGB Vaughan Blue3-1GLHA Selects 1
Peewee Sel1118:30 AMWF CC Forest Hill Select2-5MHMHA Peewee Blues
Minor Peew1128:45 AMTONY Westhill Golden Hawks Select2-3Oakville Green Select
Minor Novi1139:15 AMNICHA London Bandits0-0North London Nationals
Minor Peew1149:30 AMNICHC Meadowvale Hawks ME 0627-4Oakville Rangers Lemieux
Novice AE/1159:30 AMHANS Newmarket Redmen0-7Oakridge Aeros
Novice AE/1169:45 AMARGB North Toronto Novice3-0London Bandits
Atom AE/MD1179:45 AMWF CC Whitby Wildcats3-3London Bandits
Atom AE/MD11810:00 AMTONY Engleheart Express Lions0-7Oakridge Aeros MD
Minor Peew11910:30 AMNICHA St Catherines Jr Falcons7-2Erie North Shore
Minor Peew12010:45 AMNICHC Meadowvale Hawks3-0Applewood Coyote
Peewee Sel12110:45 AMHANS George Bell Peewee Select4-1Burlington Jr Cougars
Peewee Sel12311:00 AMARGB Kitchener Jr Rangers3-1Burlington Bulldogs
Minor Peew12411:00 AMWF CC George Bell White3-4GLHA Select
Minor Bant12511:15 AMTONY Oakville Rangers Flyers5-1Burlington Bulldogs
Peewee Sel12211:30 AMARGA Victoria Village 2-1Oakville Mustangs
Minor Bant12611:45 AMNICHA Kitchener Rangers Blue5-2Vaughan Rangers White
Minor Bant12712:00 PMHANS Oakville Rangers Giglio1-0GLHA Select
Minor Bant12812:00 PMNICHC Scarborough Ice Raiders Black4-4Don Mills Mustangs
Minor Bant12912:15 PMARGB North York Knights8-1Etobicoke Bulldogs
Bantam Rep13112:15 PMWF CC London Bandits3-2Meadowvale Hawks
Minor Midg13212:30 PMTONY Goulding Park Rangers White5-0Whitby Wildcats
Bantam Rep13012:45 PMARGA Applewood Coyotes4-0Willowdale Blackhaws
Minor Novi1331:00 PMNICHA Erindale Spitfires0-0Meadowvale Hawks
Atom Selec1341:15 PMNICHC Waterloo Wolves5-1Leaside Flames Atom Red
Atom Selec1351:15 PMHANS Vaughan Blue3-0Oakville Orange Crush
Atom Selec1361:30 PMARGB Burlington Bulldogs2-2GLHA Selects 1
Midget AE/1381:30 PMWF CC Newmarket Midget MD0-6Brampton 45s MD
Minor Atom1391:45 PMTONY Leaside Flames Gold7-2Woodstock Navy Vets
Minor Midg1372:00 PMARGA Burlington Bulldogs1-5Scarborough Ice Raiders
Minor Novi1402:15 PMNICHA Oakridge Aeros0-0North London Nationals
Minor Atom1412:30 PMNICHB Waterloo Wolves3-3Leaside Flames Red
Minor Peew1422:30 PMHANS Oakville Green Select4-1George Bell Red
Minor Peew1432:30 PMNICHC George Bell White2-2Meadowvale Hawks ME 062
Bantam Sel1442:45 PMARGB GLHA Select2-0Golden Hawks Select Gold
Midget AE/1462:45 PMWF CC Halton Hills Thunder MD2-1Orangeville Midget MD
Minor Bant1473:00 PMTONY Newmarket Redmen MD5-2London Bandits MD
Minor Atom1453:15 PMARGA GLHA Select1-3Kitchener Jr Rangers
Minor Bant1483:30 PMNICHA Kitchener Rangers MD6-0Burlington Bulldogs MD
Minor Bant1493:45 PMNICHB North London MD2-5Brampton MD 45s
Bantam Sel1503:45 PMHANS Ted Reeve Torandos (NYHL) 1-4Unionville Jets
Bantam Sel1513:45 PMNICHC Oakville Rangers6-0East York Bulldogs Select
Minor Peew1524:00 PMARGB Westhill Golden Hawks Select2-9GLHA Select
Minor Midg1544:00 PMWF CC Kitchener Jr Rangers2-4Meadowvale 102
Minor Midg1554:15 PMTONY Meadowvale Golden Knights 1044-0Dofasco Steelhawks - Select
Bantam Sel1534:30 PMARGA Kitchener Jr Rangers7-0George Bell Titans Select
Minor Midg1564:45 PMNICHA York Mills Rangers0-2Port Credit Storm
Minor Midg1575:00 PMNICHB Vaughan Rangers Red6-1Oakville Gryphons
Midget Sel1585:00 PMHANS George Bell White2-7Scarborough Ice Raiders Select
Midget Sel1595:00 PMNICHC Victoria Village Select2-4Kitchener Jr Rangers Select
Midget Sel1615:15 PMARGB Vaungh Rangers Blue - Select0-1Leaside Red Select
Midget Sel1625:15 PMWF CC Scarborough Ice Raiders Select Black2-4Vaughan Rangers White - Select
Midget Sel1635:30 PMTONY Duffield Devils White Select0-4Whitby Wildcats Select
Midget Sel1605:45 PMARGA Vaughan Rangers Red - Select0-1Dofasco Steelhawks - Select
Minor Novi1646:00 PMNICHA Meadowvale Hawks0-0Leaside Flames
Atom Selec1656:15 PMNICHB Leaside Flames Atom Red3-3GLHA Selects 2
Midget Sel1666:15 PMHANS Victoria Village 2002 Select8-1Etobicoke Bulldogs Select
Midget Sel1676:15 PMNICHC Duffield Devils Black Select4-2Duffield Devils Silver
Semi1696:30 PMARGB Leaside Flames Gold1-5Leaside Flames Red
Semi1706:30 PMWF CC Whitby Wildcats4-3Oakridge Aeros MD
Minor Peew1716:45 PMTONY Oakville Rangers Lemieux1-5George Bell Red
Semi1687:00 PMARGA Oakridge Aeros 4-1London Bandits
Minor Novi1727:15 PMNICHA Oakridge Aeros0-0London Bandits
Semi1737:30 PMNICHB Waterloo Wolves3-2Kitchener Jr Rangers
Semi1747:30 PMHANS Meadowvale Hawks3-5Erie North Shore
Semi1757:30 PMNICHC MHMHA Peewee Blues1-2Burlington Bulldogs
Semi1777:45 PMARGB GLHA Select0-1Oakville Rangers Giglio
Semi1787:45 PMWF CC Scarborough Ice Raiders Black0-5Oakville Rangers Flyers
Semi1798:00 PMTONY Willowdale Blackhaws1-2Applewood Coyotes
Semi1768:15 PMARGA Kitchener Jr Rangers3-5Victoria Village
Semi1808:45 PMNICHB Scarborough Ice Raiders3-1Whitby Wildcats
Semi1819:00 PMARGB Newmarket Midget MD1-5Halton Hills Thunder MD
Sunday, December 2, 2018
Semi1827:15 AMHANS Waterloo Wolves3-2GLHA Selects 2
Semi1837:30 AMWF CC Oakville Green Select4-3Meadowvale Hawks ME 062
Semi1847:45 AMTONY Brampton MD 45s2-6Kitchener Rangers MD
Semi1858:30 AMHANS London Bandits MD0-2Newmarket Redmen MD
Semi1868:45 AMWF CC Oakville Rangers Giglio0-5North York Knights
Semi1879:00 AMTONY Oakville Rangers Flyers3-1Kitchener Rangers Blue
Semi1889:45 AMHANS GLHA Select2-5Oakville Rangers
Semi18910:00 AMWF CC Unionville Jets0-1Kitchener Jr Rangers
Semi19010:15 AMTONY York Mills Rangers0-2Vaughan Rangers Red
Semi19111:00 AMHANS Meadowvale Golden Knights 1040-2Port Credit Storm
Semi19211:15 AMWF CC Scarborough Ice Raiders Select4-1Dofasco Steelhawks - Select
Semi19311:30 AMARGB Vaughan Rangers Red - Select2-4Kitchener Jr Rangers Select
Semi19411:30 AMTONY Duffield Devils Black Select3-4Vaughan Rangers White - Select
Semi19512:00 PMNICHA Victoria Village 2002 Select3-2Whitby Wildcats Select
Final19612:15 PMHANS Oakridge Aeros 1-6North Toronto Novice
Final19712:30 PMWF CC Waterloo Wolves0-4Leaside Flames Red
Final19812:45 PMARGB Whitby Wildcats3-2London Bandits
Final19912:45 PMTONY Erie North Shore2-4St Catherines Jr Falcons
Final2001:15 PMNICHA Burlington Bulldogs3-6Victoria Village
Final2011:45 PMHANS Applewood Coyotes3-4London Bandits
Final2022:00 PMWF CC Scarborough Ice Raiders0-1Goulding Park Rangers White
Final2032:15 PMARGB Halton Hills Thunder MD1-4Brampton 45s MD
Final2042:15 PMTONY Waterloo Wolves2-1Vaughan Blue
Final2052:45 PMNICHA Oakville Green Select0-1GLHA Select
Final2063:00 PMARGA Newmarket Redmen MD4-5Kitchener Rangers MD
Final2073:15 PMHANS Oakville Rangers Flyers4-0North York Knights
Final2083:30 PMWF CC Kitchener Jr Rangers1-2Oakville Rangers
Final2093:45 PMARGB Port Credit Storm5-4Vaughan Rangers Red
Final2104:30 PMARGA Scarborough Ice Raiders Select5-2Kitchener Jr Rangers Select
Final2115:00 PMWF CC Victoria Village 2002 Select0-5Vaughan Rangers White - Select
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