Jayden Elmore Atom Division, Divisions, London Bandits Memorial Tournament 2020, 2019-2020 (London Bandits)

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Jayden Elmore Atom Division
Group Schedule & Results
DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Friday, January 10, 2020
Atom A -RR17:30 AMStro B Sarnia Yellow 1-5London Bandits B4
Atom A -RR27:30 AMCar B Erindale Spitfires 053 2-7Waterloo Mountain Wolves
AT C RR37:30 AMKINSB Sarnia Red 1-7North London Nationals C4
Atom D-RR47:30 AMBost B Sarnia Orange 3-0North London Nationals B4
AT B RR67:45 AMWFT Kitchener AtoMc White 1-1Waterloo Ice Wolves
Atom D-RR108:00 AMCar A Applewood Coyotes 052 6-2Waterloo Arctic Wolves
AT B RR78:00 AMKINA Sarnia Sabres Green 1-3London Bandits A4
AT C RR88:00 AMNic A Kitchener Sky Blue 0-6Waterloo Timber Wolves
Atom A -RR7912:30 PMStro B London Bandits B4 1-5Erindale Spitfires 053
Atom A -RR8012:30 PMKINSB Waterloo Mountain Wolves 7-0Sarnia Yellow
AT B RR8612:45 PMWFT Waterloo Ice Wolves 2-1Sarnia Sabres Green
AT B RR891:00 PMNic A London Bandits A4 4-2Kitchener AtoMc White
AT C RR901:00 PMKINA North London Nationals C4 6-6Kitchener Sky Blue
AT C RR911:00 PMCar A Waterloo Timber Wolves 2-2Sarnia Red
Atom D-RR931:15 PMWF H North London Nationals B4 3-1Applewood Coyotes 052
Atom D-RR941:15 PMNic C Waterloo Arctic Wolves 3-4Sarnia Orange
Saturday, January 11, 2020
Atom A -RR18510:30 AMWF CC Waterloo Mountain Wolves 6-1London Bandits B4
AT B RR18610:30 AMCar B Waterloo Ice Wolves 3-0London Bandits A4
Atom D-RR18810:45 AMWFT Waterloo Arctic Wolves 2-2North London Nationals B4
Atom A -RR18911:00 AMOak Erindale Spitfires 053 3-1Sarnia Yellow
AT C RR19011:00 AMNic A Waterloo Timber Wolves 2-2North London Nationals C4
AT B RR19211:15 AMWF H Kitchener AtoMc White 6-1Sarnia Sabres Green
AT C RR19311:30 AMWF CC Kitchener Sky Blue 3-5Sarnia Red
Atom D-RR19411:30 AMCar B Applewood Coyotes 052 4-6Sarnia Orange
JE A-Quart2476:15 PMNic C London Bandits A4 1-2Waterloo Mountain Wolves
JE A-Quart2496:30 PMArg B Waterloo Ice Wolves 3-2Erindale Spitfires 053
JE A-Quart2516:30 PMNic B North London Nationals B4 2-5Waterloo Timber Wolves
JE A-Quart2547:00 PMCar A North London Nationals C4 5-3Sarnia Orange
Sunday, January 12, 2020
Atom- Se2778:15 AMWF H North London Nationals C4 3-2Waterloo Mountain Wolves
Atom- Se2788:30 AMWF CC Waterloo Timber Wolves 4-3Waterloo Ice Wolves
Atom Fina2991:30 PMWF CC North London Nationals C4 1-5Waterloo Timber Wolves
Venue(s) In This Schedule
  • Arg B - Argyle B, 1948 Wavell St, London, On
  • Bost B - Bostwick B, 501 Southdale Road West , London , ON
  • Car A - Carling A, 675 Grosvenor St, London, On
  • Car B - Carling B, 675 Grosvenor St, London, On
  • Nic A - Earl Nichols A, 799 Homeview Road , London, On
  • Nic B - Earl Nichols B, 799 Homeview Road, London, On
  • Nic C - Earl Nichols C, 799 Homeview Road, London, On
  • KINA - Kinsmen A, 20 Granville St, London, On
  • KINSB - Kinsmen B, 20 Granville St, London, on
  • Oak - Oakridge , 825 Valetta Street, London, ON
  • Stro B - Stronach B, 1221 Sandford Street, London, On
  • WF CC - WF Collins Clothiers, 865 Florence St, London, On
  • WF H - WF-Hanstone, 865 Florence St, London, On
  • WFT - WF-Tony's, 865 Florence St, London, On

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