Rules, London Bandits Memorial Tournament 2020, 2019-2020 (London Bandits)

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London Bandits Memorial Tournament Rules

1. All Hockey Canada rules will apply. The tournament chair has final responsibility for all tournament rules, regulations & protests.

2. The OHF Suspension List will be used to assess all Major, Misconduct & Match Penalties. The tournament chair will add to the minimum list if appropriate. If a player or coach receives a suspension during the tournament, you must check with the tournament office to confirm the number of games he/she must sit.

3. Teams are required to show player cards or roster sheets prior to their first game. All teams will be limited to a maximum of 19 players. Teams are allowed a maximum of 5 officials on the bench. Home is team is designated by the tournament schedule. Home team wears dark colours. In the case of conflicting sweaters, the home team will change into jerseys supplied by the tournament.

4.  Eligible Players: Players are only permitted to participate in games with their rostered team. Players may play for only one team registered in the tournament. Exception: – if a team has less than nine (9) players in uniform for a scheduled game, a registered player or players from the age group below may be used to fill in for that game. The designation “AP” should be placed next to any such substituted player’s name on the game sheet.   The Tournament Director would have to be notified of this prior to the tournament starting. A roster for the AP player must also be provided. A registered player in the tournament can only AP for another team, once their team has been eliminated.

5.Forfeit: Any team failing to play, or failing to ice a team consisting of at least six (6) players, at any scheduled game will lose by default. The score will be recorded as 3-0.

6. Teams are asked to be at the arena 45 minutes before their scheduled game time. Teams should be prepared and ready to play 15 minutes ahead of scheduled start time. 

7. No one is allowed on the ice during flooding, until the Zamboni has left the ice and doors are closed. Teams will be limited to a 3-minute warm-up. Teams will shake hands before each game. Visiting team will leave the playing surface first after each game. 

8. Dressing rooms are to be vacated promptly after the game has been completed. Arena staff will inspect the room prior to the next team entering. Keys for the dressing room are available from Guest services at the Western Fair and with arena staff at other facilities. 

9. If there is 5 or more goal differential at the start of the 3rd period clock will run and will only stop of the team comes within 2 goals. 

10. Games for all divisions will be 10-10-10, stop time.d Quarters, Semi’s and Finals are not curfewed.  No time outs are allowed in preliminary rounds, one per team in the quarter, semi & finals. 

11. Preliminary games resulting in a tie after regulation time will remain a tie.

12. Only a 7-goal -spread will show & count towards the standings Ex. 10- 0 will show as 7 - 0 
13. Preliminary Round Standings will be determined by the  following in descending order
a) Most points
b) Head-to-head competition in the event that 2 teams are tied
c) Using results of the preliminary round robin games, the team with the highest result using the formula Goals for divided by Goals for + Goals against
d) Team that scored the most goals in the preliminary round robin
e) Team that allowed the fewest goals against in the preliminary round robin
f) Team that scored the earliest goal in their first game in the tournament

g) Coin Toss

14. If a tie exist after regulation time in quarter, semi-final or final game the rules will follow as below
a) 5 minute sudden death overtime 3 vs 3
b) If a penalty occurs then you lose a man (3 vs 2)
c) In the event of a second penalty opposing team will gain a player (4 vs 2)
d) If still tied them a 3 man shootout.  Both teams will be doing the shoot out at the same time. If tied after the 3-man shootout, it goes back to the sudden death with shooter 1, 2, 3.  Players must be chosen prior to start of game.

15. The tournament committee reserves the right to change the rules prior to the tournament in which they will notify teams of the tournament. 

14. All referee decisions are final

MINOR NOVICE 1/2 ICE RULES and Novice 1/2 Ice Rules 

1. Teams will be divided into 2 teams of equal caliber players plus a dressed goalie
2. Teams will play 4 games, no playoffs
3. The scores will not be posted on the scoreboard
4. Flood will occur at the end of second game, teams should be ready to go at conclusion of prior game.
5. Game periods will be 2, 22-minute periods.
6. Buzzer every 1.5 minutes to change players on ice. 
7. All players will receive a participation award at the conclusion of the 4th game 


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