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Sep 15, 2021 | Luisa Gould | 286 views
GLHA Communication Updates re Vaccination Protocols
Dear GLHA parents,We would like to apologize for the delay in communication regarding our return to play protocols with respect to COVID-19. We have been working with our legal team, the Middlesex Health Unit, and the Alliance to ensure our parents have the most up to date information to ensure everyone’s safety in our arenas and that our return to play protocols and forms are all up to date.     

We are very much looking forward to having all our players return to the ice and playing with all their friends.                             

We would like to thank the respective member associations for their dedication and hard work through this process to ensure our players are able to return to the ice safely.  There have been many hours spent in meeting and discussion to get us up and running for the 2021 season.

It is finally time to get the players’ skates sharpened, gear sized up, and have our players ready to play.   Our season begins with tryouts for the Mustangs beginning Sept 21st, with our Minor Development shortly thereafter, to be followed by House league ice after that.   Please keep an eye on your local association’s website for these details and their calendars have been updated with these times.  

Welcome to the 2021-2022 season!  As we begin to our return to the ice, we would like to highlight some areas of change for this season.



The Mustangs have their own registration system through Hockey Canada and so Mustang players will continue to register through the London Jr Mustangs website, and not their home association.   All tryouts will occur first before the registration is open for its members. Please continue to keep posted to the Mustangs website for details.


Minor Development (MD)

As we plan for this season, The MD season will start on September 23rd, which is after the London Jr Mustangs have their tryouts.   Tryouts are being posted on each of the member association’s calendars.  Please check with your local association for dates and times.

GLHA team will start their season in the West Loop, At a date to be determine they will be tiered. They will be playing the GLHA, Woodstock, Sarnia, Stratford at the beginning of the season.  The MD schedules will consist of 1 ½ - 2 games per week.  The number of games per season is still yet to be determined.

House League

The House League programs will continue as normal with games between London Bandits, North London Nationals, Oakridge Aero’s, West London Hawks. We have planned for one game per week, depending on the schedules created for each division.   There will be 22 games this year in the House league divisions.

COVID Rules and expectations

London arena expectations- All parents, volunteers, coaches, spectators are expected to follow the following guidelines.  Not following the guidelines may impact the ability to complete our seasons. We are asking all parents to please follow the guidelines established below.


Bostwick A/B

·Officials room on A pad to be used as Gender room

·Officials room on B pad for Officials to share

·No parents permitted in dressing room area


Nichols B and C

·No parents permitted in dressing room area

·Viewing from lobby area or south cold area

·No parents permitted in dressing room area

·Viewing from lobby or south stands

·Gender room on B pad to be used if required

Western Fair – All rinks

·Ref rooms will be in use - 2 rooms dedicated as gender rooms: 2 rooms as shared ref rooms

·We will post the number permitted in shared ref rooms. It is up to the refs to follow these numbers. This may mean coming dressed and/or waiting in the hall until there is space available for them in the room

·No Parents permitted in dressing room area

Carling A/B

·Ref rooms will be in use - 2 rooms dedicated as gender rooms: 2 rooms as shared ref rooms

·We will post the number permitted in shared ref rooms. It is up to the refs to follow these numbers. This may mean coming dressed and/or waiting in the hall until there is space available for them in the room

·No Parents permitted in dressing room area


Kinsmen A/B

·Officials room on A pad to be used as Gender room

·Officials to share dressing room on b pad

·Viewing only permitted in cold area. No viewing in downstairs viewing outside dressing rooms as it is needed for chairs

Argyle A/B

·A6 to be used as gender room for both pads

·Viewing only permitted in cold area


Stronach A/B

·Officials room on A pad which has access to both a and b pads will be the shared gender room

·No parents permitted in dressing room area



·No parents permitted to watch from lobby area. All viewing in cold area

·Mustangs room can be used every other rental to accommodate an additional 9 skaters


·Viewing area on south side of arena pad

·Chairs at end of arena and outside officials’ room

Farquharson A/B


·Only one parent / guardian per players based on space available


·Viewing area is on the east side of arena pad only

·No spectators in the dressing room area.



The current allotment for spectators is two persons per player- note that the two person per player allowance includes siblings. For example:  Mom and sibling can enter but then father may not. Once the limit is reached at the arenas, the Arena staff may lock the doors and no others may enter at this time.

Parents are asked not to move any chairs, as they are set up in designated locations. Do not leave any valuables with your belongings, as there will be no way to secure them while you are on the ice. Leave them at home.



Alliance Hockey Return to play program protocols


Alliance Hockey has worked in conjunction with Hockey Canada, and the Ontario Hockey Federation to provide a Return to Hockey framework for all hockey participants.  The Alliance will require all players, coaches’ officials, staff, and volunteers (12 years of age and above unless exempted through the alliance) to have provided proof of Covid-19 immunization. All members will be required to have received their first dose by September 17, 2021, and be fully vaccinated by Oct 31, 2021.
As our communities begin to see the effects of Wave 4 of this pandemic and as the frequency of COVID-19 cases in amateur group sports continues to increase, ALLIANCE Hockey believes mandatory vaccination is an important step to support our members efforts to prevent the spread of this virus. Ensuring that all eligible individuals are vaccinated will provide us with the best opportunity to keep our participants on the ice and will support larger cohorts and regular team play.

 Please click on this link as the GLHA will be following this framework as well.



GLHA return to play program


The GLHA has worked in conjunction with the member Association Presidents to ensure our GLHA return to play program has been updated and the safety of all our players have been always taken into consideration. There have been some updates to the program.  Please ensure you have read the updates

 GLHA Return to  Play Program

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