Mission & Vision (London Bandits)


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Mission Values

To promote and develop organized amateur hockey for youths in the City Of London, including both (1) the development of the maximum opportunity for participation in recreational hockey and (2) the development of representative teams and with high levels of competency 

To help develop good character among players and other members, by teaching the importance of the values of physical competition, physical activity, good sportmanship, social participation and good fellowship, and the fair treatment of others (with respect to the latter, there shall be no place in the Corporation for discriminatory behaviour with respect to race, place of origin, family circumstances, gender or Creed) 

The London Bandits are an amalgamation of South Southeast Minor Hockey (SSE Wild) 

and the London Minor Hockey Association (LMHA Thunder).


Seeded A/AA Defined

  • The seeded league falls under the jurisdiction of Alliance Hockey. It is not operated nor administrated by any of the GLHA member organizations or the GLHA itself, although all member organizations have representatives who are involved in the decision making process of the league. 
  • Regular season league play beings mid September. 
  • Playoffs and Playdowns begin early in February and continue through to the end of March or early April. 
  • After each team has played a home and home series with the other teams in the league (mid November); the league will be split into two divisions.
  • At this point, the league is realigned into two divisions with the top teams being classified as AA (Constellation) and the lower "seeded" teams being classified as A (Bristol). 
  • The two divisions then continue playing within their own group (not against the other) to determine playoff positions.


Seeded A/AA Competition

Bandit SEEDED teams will play against and travel to:

London Jr. Knights (x2), Brantford, Burlington, Cambridge, Kitchener (x2), Sarnia, Stratford, Waterloo (x2), Woodstock, St. Thomas, North London, Oakridge, and West London. 
Note: not all centers will compete at the Major Midget level.



MD Defined

  • The MD league falls under the jurisdiction of Alliance Hockey. It is administrated by the Bandit Committee which is comprised of 6 members of SSE and 6 members of LMHA.
  • Regular season league play beings in early October.
  • Teams include West London, North London, Oakridge, Sarnia, Stratford, and 2 Bandit teams where numbers allow.
  • MD teams will play against all teams in their division throughout the entire regular season and these same teams in playoffs based on regular season finishing positions.


MD Competition

Bandit MD teams (formerly Tier 2) will play against and travel to: 

Sarnia, Stratford, North London, Oakridge, West London NOTE: Some Associations will not have teams in all divisions