Bandit Board Roles (London Bandits)

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·         Sets the date of the AGM

·         Chairing meetings of the Board of Directors and all General/Special meetings

·         Contact with Alliance Hockey regarding policies and procedures

·         Representing the Association at the meetings of the G.L.H.A.

·         Advises Board of directors

·         Sits on Alliance President's Committee

·         Sits on Resolutions committee,

·         Sit on Discipline committee

·         Delegates to VP of Competitive and VP of House League

·         Supervises Police Record Check program

·         Shall be a signing officer of the Corporation

·         Work with all board members to ensure a collaborative working relation is held, if he/she feels it’s not working then he may delegate the resolution committee to deal with the situation at hand to find a resolution.  

Past President

·         Act as a resource to the current Board of Directors and Executive Committee

·         Fulfills the role of President in the previous year prior to the role assignment

·         Resignation in the term mid-way will forfeit your right to claim the title of Past President the next season.    

Vice President

·         Shall be a signing officer of the Corporation

·         During the absence of the president perform the president's duties

·         Sits on 3 committees (operations, add constitution and finance)

·         Oversees the Directors at Large

·         Recruit and train people 12 years and older to establish a stable of people for timekeeping of all games

·         Schedule timekeepers for all regular season, tournament, and playoff games

·         Process timekeeper invoices and ensure timekeepers are paid in a timely manner


Director of Risk Management

·         Be responsible for all clinics being taken, coaches’ clinics, concussion clinics, etc. and be responsible for the billing of such clinics.

·         Be responsible for all newly implemented programs for all new and current members of the association

·         Be responsible for police checks and the tracking of them by Nov 15th deadline with receipts/ and or completed Police Checks

·         Must provide President with monthly updates on how the collection of Police checks are going and whom is outstanding.

·         Be responsible for the discipline of the policies and procedures by the coaches and trainers

·         Be responsible for Rowan’s law for all players and coaches and managing the Privit program.

·         Works with Registrars to complete updated list of all coaches and coaching staff.

·          Enforce policies, rules and procedures of the Association, the GLHA, Alliance Hockey, Ontario Hockey Federation and Hockey Canada as well as any applicable laws



·         Keep and maintain full and accurate accounts of all receipts and disbursements raised and expended in the name of the Corporation in the manner set out herein

·         Report on all the financial activities of the Corporation in a manner and at such time as set out herein

·         Act as Chairperson for the Finance committee

·         Be responsible for reviewing statements relating to the operations of activities and events

·         Work in conjunction with other board members to oversee the collection of registration fees for all aspects of hockey- issue invoices and receipts as required

·         Be a signing officer on all accounts of corporation money

·         Be responsible for reporting on all the accounts on a monthly basis



·         Attend all meetings of the Board of Directors and take the appropriate minutes of such proceedings

·         Give all notices required to be given to the members and/or the Board of directors prior to next board meeting 

·         Have minutes from meeting to board members no later than 2 weeks after meeting.

·         Create Labels for current board members mailboxes at Earl Nichols Arena and Argyle Arena

·         Be the custodian of the Seal of the Corporation

·         Be a signing officer of the Corporation

·         Maintain all records, correspondence contracts and other such documents belonging to the Corporation which he or she shall deliver up only when authorized by a resolution of the Board of Directors to do so and to such person or persons as may be named in the resolution

·         Maintain the flow of information to the association members using the MBS Sports web website, Facebook, Twitter and any other Social Media platforms chosen by the Board

·         Additionally, they will create and maintain user accounts for all coaches or webmasters, and monitor individual team websites for appropriate material



·         Be responsible for the registration of all players in the Corporation's programs, including maintaining all registration records and team lists, ensuring all registration cards are signed, confirming rebates for players withdrawing from the program, confirming all registration fees paid and submitted to the Corporation's Treasurer

·         Provide lists with appropriate information for the Board, conveners, coaches, City of London, and others as required. Ensure that accurate information is provided for pre-season ice tryouts, the house league assessments and draft, Round Up, and the ice allocation and rosters

·         Complete and submit all rosters for London Bandits

·         Work in conjunction with risk manager and other board members running clinics to ensure all players and coaches are properly registered as per Hockey Canada requirements and following up with collection or reimbursement of fees as appropriate

·         Be responsible for providing the Secretary a list of All active members for the AGM membership meeting.

·          Be responsible for having a list of current Parent Members and active members shall be available from the minor hockey registration system.

Ice Convener

·         Be responsible for acquiring and scheduling of all ice time for the Corporation's hockey program

·         Be responsible for liaison with the appropriate referee associations for the purpose of ice allocation and assignment of referees

·         Liaise with the respective external ice and referee officials, the Vice president of House league, Vice President of Competitive Hockey

·         Monitor and report on the utilization of ice

·         Be responsible for notifying Vice President of league games

·         Be responsible for liaison with Alliance

·         Be responsible for Tournament ice and working the tournament director in conjunction for ice allotments.

Vice President of Competitive Hockey

·         Produce a contact list for all London Bandits Minor Development teams as required by the Board

·         Be responsible for registering all London Bandit players and coaches in clinics and follow up with collection of fees or reimbursement of fees as appropriate

·         Serve as Chair of the MD Coaches Selection Committee

·         Recommend MD coaches and Bench staff to the Board for approval

·         Be responsible for the movement of players between the Corporation’s MD and House League program

·         Issue travel permits for London Bandits teams

·         Sit on the London Junior Mustangs committee

·         Bring forth another committee member to the board to attend seeded committee- voted by board members

·         Be responsible for all Mustang White Teams, including all aspects of their operation and represent London Bandits at the Seeded level

·         Attend the Seeded Hockey League meetings representing the London Bandits

·         Participate on the Seeded Coaches Selection Committee

·         Be responsible for the movement of players between the Corporation’s MD and Seeded program

·         Annual review of the Coaches Manual and work in conjunction with House league VP to ensure the same forms are being used where need be and alter where competitive forms are different and ensure that Secretary has all necessary documents to post prior to season beginning.

·         Review team budgets and account activity statements

·         Address team concerns about budget

·         Ensure all coaches, volunteers and trainers remain informed of new policies


Vice President of House League Hockey

·         Be responsible for all house league teams, including all aspects of their operation, representing same at the Community Hockey League or respective representative association

·         Attend the Community Hockey League meetings as a voting member representing London Bandits, as well as the CHL

·         Serve as chair of House League Hockey Coaches Selection Committee

·         Recommend coaches and bench staff to the board for approval

·         Recommend for Board approval, from all members of the Board, an individual to serve as the second London Bandits Rep to the CHL Board, and an individual to serve as the Alternate London Bandits Rep to the CHL Board

·         Be responsible for the annual House League coaches/managers meeting at the beginning of the season

·         Issue travel permits

·         Annual review of the Coaches Manual and work in conjunction with VP of Competitive Hockey to ensure the same forms are being used where need be and alter where competitive forms are different and ensure that Secretary has all necessary documents to post prior to season beginning.

·         Review team budgets and account activity statements

·         Address team concerns about budget

·         Ensure all coaches, volunteers and trainers remain informed of new policies


Player/Coach Development

·         Work with the Vice President of House League and Vice President of Competitive to establish and administer development programs for players and coaches

·         Organize and advertise clinics

·         Be a point of contact for coaches regarding player skill development

·         Create a budget sheet and work with President/Ice convenor on appropriate budget

·         Collection of fees’, in conjunction with the Treasurer and webmaster

·         Be a point of contact for the goalie clinic and organize this program.


         Sponsorship/ Promotions Coordinator

·         Co-ordinate and or arrange for sponsors for all House league teams;

·         Report on the status of the sponsorship activity from time to time to the Board of Directors;

·         Confirm the payment of all sponsorship fees with the Corporation's Treasurer;

·         Serve as the principal contact with all sponsors and will liaise with same from time to time regarding the activities of the Corporation i.e. Dodge Caravan organizing and be key person for contact

·         Sit on a minimum but not limited to one committee

·         Oversee team fundraising ideas

·         Provide a list of protected sponsors

·         Provide a letter for HL and MD to obtain sponsorships.

·         Plan, host and maintain corporation fundraising events

·         Be responsible for the advertising and promotion of the corporation and its programs by means including, but not limited to newspaper ads, signboards, bulletin board notice, newsletters etc.

·         Head the nominations committee for annual meeting

·         Responsible for clothing and swag

·         Address all public relations to portray the corporation positively

·         Hosts the nominations portion of the AGM

·         Responsible for enforcing clothing policy

·         Responsible for enforcing fundraising policies

·         Overseeing all fundraising and promotions

·         Overseeing all association special events



Tournament Chair

·         Responsible for setting up committee of at least (5) people include the Ice convenor, the VP and a board of director to establish your committee at the first general meeting after the AGM.

·         Oversee running of the tournaments and delegate to the committee the duties associated to the tournament.

·         Ordering trophies

·         Work with the company that offers hotel rebates,

·         Complete all documentation to the Alliance

·         Complete final balance sheets to provide to treasurer and aboard

·         Signing authority for all contracts required for the tournaments Board approval, seek tender for hotel rebates.

·         Coordinate for Vendors – contracts, e.g.

·         Ensure that all rosters and travel permits are approved 2 weeks prior to the tournament start date

·         Ensure that all London Bandits board teams are entered and have registered for the Dan Pulham and London Bandits Memorial tournament

·         Ensure that the London Bandits Memorial Tournament continues to honour the Jayden Elmore player in the Atom division by offering a Jayden Atom Division.

·         Ensure that the London Bandits Memorial Tournament Continues to honour Neil Barker by offering a Neil Barker division in the Midget division.

·         Ensure that the London Bandits Memorial Tournament continues to honour Brian Sturgeon by offering a Brian Sturgeon division in the Bantam age group.

·         Ensure that the trophies are labelled correctly and annually, are reviewed for spelling. They should be reviewed 2 weeks prior to the tournament.

·         Ensure families of the Memorials are notified of the tournament well in advance so they can be apart of the opening ceremonies and the closing ceremonies of each of those divisions.

·         The Memorial will be reviewed after 5 years to enable the process of other families being recognized as well. The tournament director will bring forth to a board meeting for approval.

·         All expenditures not associated with key issues in the tournament must be brought to the London Bandits board for approval.  I.e. jersey, net purchases.

Equipment Manager

·         Be responsible for the issuance, return and inventorying of all Corporation equipment and jerseys, the maintenance and storage of same, and the keeping of all records for the signing of all issuances and returns by team coaches

·         Authorize the respective use of jerseys and equipment by all Corporation teams

·         Sit on a minimum but not limited to one other committee

·         Do an annual inventory of all equipment and report back to the board replacements needed, equipment repairs, and equipment not returned

·         Responsible for obtaining quotes on equipment and jerseys

·         Be responsible for ensuring a budget is followed

·         Assist the tournament committee with colour conflicts for the house league division.

     Division Convenors (Initiation Program U7,  Novice U8, Atom 11, Peewee U13, Bantam U15 and Midget -Juvenile U 21, Competitve Divisions  Novice- Atom U 11, Pewee- Midget U 17)

·         Be responsible for coordinating and managing all facets associated with the operation of their specific division including sending updates for posting on the web site

·         Be responsible for the movement of players within the house league system

·         Attend annual House League coaches meeting, CHL meeting

·         Represented on the discipline committee

·         Prepare report for monthly board meeting

·         Collaborate with Directors-at-Large to supply support to the convenor position

·         Volunteering at the Dan Pulham Tournament, London Bandits Memorial Tournament – Volunteering at minimum of one tournament

·         Attend the CHL during the Championship weekend

·         Support the playoff’s 

·         Attend home games as many as possible.

·         Attend the Round up Awards Banquet and support the directors at Large


    Directors at Large

·         Be responsible for the implementation of one annual mandatory fundraiser (i.e. Night with the Knights)

·         Be responsible for coordinating the volunteer activities associated with the tournaments, pre-season ice, and any other activity requiring volunteers

·         Be responsible for promoting social and fundraising events such as, but not limited to, dances, Coach’s Appreciation Night, Picture Day, and Santa’s Visit; in conjunction with 10.16

·         Be responsible for all activities associated with the annual Roundup

·         Be responsible for forwarding information for posting on the web site

·         Be responsible for parent-rep meetings, 2 per team ie beginning of the season, just before playoffs.

·         Reports to the Vice President

·         Follow issued budgets and bring event plans to the Board for approval

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