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London Bandits Minor Hockey Association

 PO Box 35067, Nelson Park Outlet

 London ON

 N6M 1H5

ExecutiveGraham Babbage Vice President (Acting President)
ExecutiveJack BoycePAST PRESIDENT
ExecutiveMichelle DrownTreasurer
ExecutiveLuisa GouldSecretary
ExecutiveAllana WatsonLeague Registrar
ExecutiveTina GathercoleLeague Registrar
ExecutiveBill WatsonDirector of Risk Management
ExecutiveDon DrownIce Convenor
ExecutiveChris FergusonIce Convenor
ExecutiveRyan GriggPlayer Coach Development
ExecutiveSuzanne WhitmoreVP of Competitive Hockey
ExecutiveEric GagneNovice- Atom MD Convenor
ExecutiveSara HunterPeewee- Midget MD Convenor
ExecutiveCraig LoystVP of House League
ExecutiveGreg BuisInitiation Program Convenor
ExecutiveRyan HawkinsAtom HL Convenor
ExecutiveKim TilfordMinor Novice Convenor
ExecutiveAshlie HawkinsNovice HL Convenor
ExecutiveKim ReynoldsBantam HL Convenor
ExecutiveCherry NieslenMidget HL Convenor
ExecutiveLisa McIntyreJuvenile Convenor
ExecutiveTo Be AnnouncedTournament Chair
ExecutiveAshley ArnoldTournament Chair
ExecutiveGreg Schaus Equipment Manager
ExecutiveAisha Tromp AmaralSponsorship
ExecutiveLisa FordBoard of Directors At Large
ExecutiveDoug ColbournDirectors at Large
ExecutiveAngelo DiCiccoDirector at Large
ExecutiveGary ChenierLifetime Member
ExecutiveNancy PutzerLifetime Member
ExecutiveVicky BossenberryLifetime Member
Org StaffJared CampbellMinor Novice MD Coach
Org StaffEthan McGann Novice Tier 2 Coach
Org StaffDave GriffenMinor Atom MD Coach
Org StaffChad Hunter Atom MD Coach
Org StaffChris FergusonMinor Peewee MD
Org StaffJordan FullerPeewee MD Coach
Org StaffNick MonizMinor Bantam MD Coach
Org StaffJamie BoyceBantam MD Coach
Org StaffDeric DegagneMinor Novice Coach
Org StaffJeff GellatlyMinor Novice Coach
Org StaffBeau ChafeeNovice Coach
Org StaffJoe MasseNovice Coach
Org StaffNick HolmesMinor Atom
Org StaffShawn ReidyMinor Atom Coach
Org StaffRyan HawkinsAtom Coach
Org StaffChris GehlAtom Coach
Org StaffBrandon HubbardAtom Coach
Org StaffRyan GreggMinor Peewee
Org StaffJeff HarvieMinor Peewee
Org StaffCherry NielsenMinor Peewee Coach
Org StaffMatt DavisMinor Peewee Coach
Org StaffBeau ChaffeePeewee
Org Staffsteve NeirinckxPeewee
Org StaffDennis HamdenPeeWee coaco
Org StaffTom ForshawMinor Bantam
Org StaffJosh PickeringMinor Bantam
Org StaffBrent GuthrieMinor Bantam
Org StaffMatt GrantBantam
Org StaffJoe WatsonBantam
Org StaffGary HunterBantam
Org StaffCraig LoystMinor Midget
Org StaffDoug ColbournMinor Midget
Org StaffCherry NielsenMidget
Org StaffMichael PateMidget coach
Org StaffTim StaceyMidget Coach
Org StaffArt PutzerJuvenille Coach
Org StaffKirk BalcomJuvenille Coach
Org StaffPhil McIntyreJuvenille Coach
INITIATION WHITEKevin Caulfield Coach
INITIATION BLUEJessica FerrisCoach
INITIATION BLACKTristan KolkmanCoach
MD - Minor Novice MDJared CampbellCoach
MD - Minor Novice MDJared CampbellHead Coach
MD - Minor Novice MDDale Foster Asst. Coach
MD - Minor Novice MDBrent TaplayAsst. Coach
MD - Minor Novice MDDarren KohlTrainer
MD - Novice Tier 2 MD BlackEthan McgannHead Coach
MD - Novice Tier 2 MD BlackTim BeckettAsst. Coach
MD - Novice Tier 2 MD BlackBrad Pruder Asst. Coach
MD - Novice Tier 2 MD BlackLonny HoskinsAsst. Coach
MD - Novice Tier 2 MD BlackMike CircelliTrainer
MD - Minor Atom MD BlackDave Griffin Coach
MD - Minor Atom MD BlackDave GriffenHead Coach
MD - Minor Atom MD BlackJohn ShawAsst. Coach
MD - Minor Atom MD BlackRichard WellsTrainer
MD - Minor Atom MD BlackRich McLeodManager
INITIATION ORANGEChris RichardsonCoach
MD - Atom MD BlackChad HunterHead Coach
MD - Atom MD BlackGraham BabbageAssistant Coach
MD - Atom MD BlackNick BarnesParent Rep
MD - Atom MD BlackTina BarnesTreasurer
MD - Atom MD BlackSara HunterTrainer
MD - Atom MD BlackJason ManningTrainer
MD - Atom MD BlackDana SinopoleManager
MD - Minor Peewee MD BlackChris Ferguson Coach
MD - Minor Peewee MD BlackJohn RalfAsst. Coach
MD - Minor Peewee MD BlackSamuel PopenTrainer
MD - Minor Peewee MD BlackIan ColquhounTrainer
MD - PeeWee MD BlackJordan FullerHead Coach
MD - PeeWee MD BlackTyler BlueTrainer
MD - PeeWee MD BlackNick DelucaAsst. Coach
MD - PeeWee MD BlackRyan TuffinAsst. Coach/Asst. Trainer
MD - PeeWee MD BlackRiley PopeAsst. Coach
MD - Minor Bantam MD BlackNick MonizCoach
MD - Minor Bantam MD BlackNick MonizHead Coach
MD - Minor Bantam MD BlackDan BenfeitoAsst. Coach
MD - Minor Bantam MD BlackRick SucceeAsst. Coach
MD - Minor Bantam MD BlackBailey BrancoTrainer
MD - Minor Bantam MD BlackSteven Chambers Manager
MD - Bantam MD BlackJamie BoyceHead Coach
MD - Bantam MD BlackJoe Boyce Asst. Coach
MD - Bantam MD BlackGreg SchausAsst. Coach
MD - Bantam MD BlackArt PutzerTrainer
Novice - Bandits 11Deric DegagneHead Coach
Novice - Bandits 11Robin HinrichsCoach
Novice - Bandits 11Scott MayCoach
Novice - Bandits 11Stephen RiddellCoach
Novice - Bandits 11Mike StelpstraTrainer
Novice - Bandits 21Jeff GellatlyHead Coach
Novice - Bandits 21Fady FaddoulCoach
Novice - Bandits 21Jack MorganCoach
Novice - Bandits 21Amy SmithTrainer
Novice - Bandits A2Beau ChafeeHead Coach
Novice - Bandits A2Mike ClementsCoach
Novice - Bandits A2Peter Marek Coach
Novice - Bandits A2Tyler RileyCoach
Novice - Bandits A2Nicholas ParsonsTrainer
Novice - Bandits B2Joe MasseCoach
Novice - Bandits B2Sean DayeTrainer
Novice - Bandits B2Daniel RobichaudTrainer
Atom - Bandits 13Nick HolmesHead Coach
Atom - Bandits 13Dan BradfieldCoach
Atom - Bandits 13Grant SmithCoach
Atom - Bandits 13Mike StelpstraTrainer
Atom - Bandits 23Shawn ReidyHead Coach
Atom - Bandits 23Richard MiddletonCoach
Atom - Bandits 23Brad StottCoach
Atom - Bandits 23Nate RiceTrainer
Atom - Bandits A4Ryan HawkinsHead Coach
Atom - Bandits A4Ryan DoucetteCoach
Atom - Bandits A4Aaron FordCoach
Atom - Bandits A4Ashlie HawkinsManager
Atom - Bandits A4Sjon HulstTrainer
Atom - Bandits B4Chris GehlHead Coach
Atom - Bandits B4Matt NusseyCoach
Atom - Bandits B4Shea VachonCoach
Atom - Bandits B4Kurt DionneTrainer
Atom - Bandits C4Brandon HubbardHead Coach
Atom - Bandits C4Trevor BaumanCoach
Atom - Bandits C4Brad HubbardCoach
Atom - Bandits C4Darrin JohnsonCoach
Atom - Bandits C4Steven HindsTrainer
Peewee - Bandits 15Aaron FordCoach
Peewee - Bandits 15Ryan GriggCoach
Peewee - Bandits 15Beau ChafeeTrainer
Peewee - Bandits 25Dale CousinsCoach
Peewee - Bandits 25Matthew GrantCoach
Peewee - Bandits 25Jeff HarvieCoach
Peewee - Bandits 25Paul GilksTrainer
Peewee - Bandits 35Cherry NielsenHead Coach
Peewee - Bandits 35Andy GatesCoach
Peewee - Bandits 35Gary ChenierTrainer
Peewee - Bandits 45Matt DavisHead Coach
Peewee - Bandits 45Kyle MuiseCoach
Peewee - Bandits 45Nick FindlayTrainer
Peewee - Bandits A6Beau ChafeeCoach
Peewee - Bandits A6Jon MillerCoach
Peewee - Bandits A6Chris DuncanTrainer
Peewee - Bandits B6Matt HillCoach
Peewee - Bandits B6Steve NierinckxCoach
Peewee - Bandits B6Mike DemanTrainer
Peewee - Bandits C6Dennis HamdenHead Coach
Peewee - Bandits C6James HewittCoach
Peewee - Bandits C6Eric LawrenceCoach
Peewee - Bandits C6Nicholas ParsonsCoach
Peewee - Bandits C6Edward CurrieTrainer
Bantam - Bandits 17Tom ForshawHead Coach
Bantam - Bandits 17Jory ForshawCoach
Bantam - Bandits 17Dean HammondCoach
Bantam - Bandits 17Kyle WhiteCoach
Bantam - Bandits 17Tina GathercoleTrainer
Bantam - Bandits 27Joshua PickeringHead Coach
Bantam - Bandits 27Gus KalogerosCoach
Bantam - Bandits 27Bruce KillianCoach
Bantam - Bandits 27Todd SillsCoach
Bantam - Bandits 27Jordan PickeringTrainer
Bantam - Bandits A8Matthew GrantHead Coach
Bantam - Bandits A8Jason GerhardCoach
Bantam - Bandits A8Sean O'DwyerCoach
Bantam - Bandits A8David LedgerTrainer
Bantam - Bandits B8Joe WatsonHead Coach
Bantam - Bandits B8Warren BallochCoach
Bantam - Bandits B8Jeff OkeCoach
Bantam - Bandits B8Frank RapskiTrainer
Bantam - Bandits C8Gary HunterHead Coach
Bantam - Bandits C8Trent FieldhouseCoach
Bantam - Bandits C8Adam LimbrickCoach
Bantam - Bandits C8Brad PyetteCoach
Bantam - Bandits C8Arthur KingTrainer
Minor Midget - Bandits 19Craig LoystHead Coach
Minor Midget - Bandits 19Graham Francis Coach
Minor Midget - Bandits 19Jamese SillettCoach
Minor Midget - Bandits 19Mark CraigTrainer
Minor Midget - Bandits 29Doug ColbournHead Coach
Minor Midget - Bandits 29Angelo DeciccoCoach
Minor Midget - Bandits 29Marc DobbsCoach
Minor Midget - Bandits 29Mike MillsCoach
Minor Midget - Bandits 29Warren RussellTrainer
Midget - Bandits A9Cherry Nielsen Head Coach
Midget - Bandits A9Roger HarveyCoach
Midget - Bandits A9christopher MaxwellCoach
Midget - Bandits A9Jeff SchofferCoach
Midget - Bandits A9Gary ChenierTrainer
Midget - Bandits B9Michael PateCoach
Midget - Bandits B9Pat RobbinsTrainer
Midget - Bandits C9Tim Stacey Head Coach
Midget - Bandits C9Mike DesousaCoach
Midget - Bandits C9Rob VogelTrainer
Juvenile - Bandits A10Art PutzerCoach
Juvenile - Bandits B10Kirk BalcomHead Coach
Juvenile - Bandits B10Gord KinneyCoach
Juvenile - Bandits B10Mike LaskeyJuvenille Coach
Juvenile - Bandits C10Phil McIntyreCoach
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