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Pierre Sonier Award 

Pierre was so passionate about the importance of coaching and so annually I (Barb Sonier)  present this Coach of the Year Award in his name not only to honour him but also to honour all of the coaches who commit their time and energy to the athletes..  After all, without them there would be no hockey opportunities for kids.

Pierre was an accomplished athlete and played college basketball among other sports. He was a good coach but an even better person.  He was extremely dedicated and coached hockey, basketball and soccer....all year, every year.  He came from a family of eight siblings, an abusive father and a mother on welfare.  Despite life’s challenges he persevered, went to college and became Director of Quintin Warner House, a recovery program for men addicted to alcohol and other drugs.  Sports gave him the confidence to take a positive path in life”.

 As a result, he felt that it was important to give back to the community.  At the time of his death at 44 we had four children ages 3, 9, 12 and 15.  He was coaching our 9 year old, Johnny, in the major atom division but he was also coaching Johnny and my two girls in other sports.  He was very competitive but he knew that he had a responsibility much larger than winning  - that being to teach kids about sports with the hope that they too would have a love for the game, develop friendships, life skills and keep them off the streets and safe. 

The Pierre Sonier Coach of the Year Award honours coaches who exemplify integrity, achievement and a continual quest for excellence from themselves and their athletes.  It is awarded to coaches who inspire young people to improve themselves in all aspects of life.  It honours the type of coach an athlete can recall upon in 10 or 20 years, or even 50 years and say, “ I’m glad to have played for this person.”  

Criteria for award: 

The award must go to a head coach (not an assistant coach) and they must have at least two years experience coaching.  We have also tried not to give it to the same person more than once.  

The following Individual have received this award 
2019- Chris Ferguson 
2020- Beau Chaffee
2021- Covid Season 
2022- Jack Boyce
2023 Brandon Hubbard