Neil Barker (London Bandits)

Annual General membership Meeting July 26 2020
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Neil Barker

Neil Barker



Neil was a dedicated coach, trainer, volunteer and LMHA board member who started with the association in 1992 in the Myte division (Initiation).  He coached every year, in every division (sometimes more than 1 in the same year) until his sudden passing in 2007.


He worked diligently on practice plans for his teams as well as others.  During the hockey season, Neil devoted countless hours on the many tasks required (or requested) and could always be found in one arena or another.


One of Neil’s passions was hockey.  The development of the players was a goal he strived for on and off the ice.  Through his years involved with LMHA, he formed many relationships not just with the players but their parents and families as well as other coaches and board members.


A testament to him and his involvement with LMHA was the number of coaches, board members and players (many from years past) that have spoken with our family on how Neil inspired and changed their lives.

                                                                            Criteria for this Award 

This annual award is given in honour of long time coach, volunteer, and Board member. It is presented to a Bandits coach OR volunteer that best exemplifies what Neil believed in & stood for, during his many years with our Association.

Recipients are only eligible to receive the award once in their lifetime.

The winner of this prestigious award is someone who best displays the following criteria; instills and exhibits good ethical and moral principles through positive behaviour and sportsmanship, demonstrates an unconditional commitment to all players and the growth of the sport, volunteers with numerous aspects of the program & displays an outstanding dedication to the Association & its members.



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