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Goalie Development Program 2022-2023 

The Bandits Goalie Development Program is designed to give house league and  MD players an opportunity to improve their skills . This program  features all the skills needed for a goalie to be successful at our Bandits games. 

Our program will run for 8 weeks per session and there is one  sessions running out of Argyle A Arena. The Fall/Winter sessions begin November 2nd and run to December 21st. Due to the short turnaround time, we require everyone to sign up asap. Closing Date for sign up is November 1st, 2022.  We start next week.  The time of the goalie clinic is from 6-7 pm. If we do not have enough goalies signed up we will have to cancel the sessions.  The cost of this clinic is $0.00. London Bandits board will be funding this program. 

This program is being run by a professional coach whom the London Bandits are paying to ensure all of our goalies have all the skills. We are working with a professional coach to ensure you have all the skills you need to be the best Bandit Hockey player there is!  This is your Bandits development program  specifically designed for you! 

This program is designed to develop all goalies as well therefore the Bandits  organization is looking for support of our coaching staff to assist in this program. We will also take any high school age Bandits looking for volunteer hours. This will count  towards your volunteer hours so please come out and enjoy becoming a coach and mentor  for our young Bandit goalies this season.

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