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The LONDON BANDITS are a member of the Greater London Hockey Association (GLHA) and registration in this association is accepted by the recognized boundaries for MD Representative Hockey and House league.. If you intend to only play in House League Hockey you can register in any of the GLHA Associations;


For MD players the London Bandits boundaries are as follows:

Details: North Boundary - Oxford Street. West Boundary - on Oxford to the river and Andover Drive, Beachwood Ave (east side of streets); South boundary - 2 roads prior to Regina Mundi College; East Boundary - Just east of Veteran's Memorial Parkway (formerly HWY 100), includes Summerside, Hamilton Rd south of Thames River and farm properties in this area.
Click here to get to a boundaries map for the London Bandits: Boundaries



Until a player is registered and payment as well as any required paperwork has been received by the Registrar, they are INELIGIBLE to go on the ice for tryouts or evaluations. Once all paperwork and fees have been received players will be placed on the appropriate tryout and/or evaluation lists. All individuals trying out for BB/MD hockey must sign up for this on their registration.  No tryout will be permitted without registration. (2024 SEASON - on the Questionnaire portion

Registration opens on May 1st and it is recommended you register early!  Registrations are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis and it may be necessary to limit player and goaltender registration numbers.  Many of our age groups fill quickly, we suggest that you register as soon as possible to avoid being placed on a waiting list.  The London Bandits cannot guarantee that registered goalies will be the only goaltender on a House league team and or MD/BB team.

If your child receives a subsidy (Jumpstart, Kidsport, Dream Catcher or any other subsidy) please contact one of our Registrar’s before registering.  Please note the balance of your child’s fees must be paid in full prior to the MD/House League payment deadlines.   Registrar's email: [email protected] 



New to the association?  Please follow the instructions below to create your own account:


Hockey Canada has launched a brand new registration portal this season. While their new portal has all our player history logged, your previous log in credentials will need to be updated. 

Over the last several months the Hockey Canada Registry (which is used to register children for hockey within Canada) has overgone an upgrade. This upgrade was done so that hockey organizations can all be on one database.   Due to this each family is required to create a new log in to be able to register for the 2021-2022 season. The log in can be created at

Click here to Register with Spordle (New HCR) 

Along with that link here is a link for step-by-step instructions with how to create your account and register your child. 

Click here for step by step directions. 

PLEASE NOTE : This must be on your Hockey Canada account- with the merge of the old 3.0 to 2.0 they noticed many accounts were missing the mandatory fields. Please ensure that these documents are on your account. Your account will be flagged if missing and may stop your child from playing in games and or tournaments.    

Action Needed


Please log into your HCR profile (register.hockeycanada.ca) and ensure both of these items are present under the player's DOCUMENTS:

  • BIRTH CERTIFICATE or PROOF OF LIVE BIRTH. (Health Card's  are not accepted forms as they don't show the birth country please ensure that you have the proper form on file) 
  • PROOF OF RESIDENCY.  For example, any government issued ID or third party bill such as an electric or hydro bill — this document must clearly show your name and full address. (Alliance must confirm all registrants whose member status is unconfirmed) 
  • Move in year - please ensure you put the move in year in your address section - the registrars can't edit this field
  • If either of these documents are missing, please upload a copy under DOCUMENTS.


Additionally, if the player has moved addresses since they last played hockey, a Residential Move Form will also be required.  Please contact your local hockey association registrar for a copy of the required paperwork.



Only ‘Online Payment by Credit Card’ is available as well as
"ETRANSFER" - please email your child's name and birthdate so we can apply to registration. 
ETF: [email protected]
Please” cc”: : the registers [email protected] in that ETF email and place players name in the ETF

Payment Plan options: 

Payment Installment guide :   First payment May 01 ( if you pay later than this your installment dates will not change ) 
for example if I pay on May 15  my payment would be 50% of the Registration plus any fee's such as MD tryouts.    
Then my next payment would  be on 
June 01.2024- 
June 22,2024
July 05,2024
July 19,2024
August 01,2024
August 16,2024
Sept 01,2024
Sept 20, 2024
Oct 04,2024

If you register in August your payment plan option is reduce to 4 payment plans, Your remainder payment plans will come out on any remainder dates in the payment plan schedule.  No Early Bird rate will apply and an Additional $75.00 will be applied to registration cost. 

If you register in September, your payment plan option is reduce to  3 payment plan options, your balance is due Oct4,2024 No Early bird rate apply, An additional $75.00 will be applied to the registration cost.  

NOTE: Anyone who is not presently in good standing with the London Bandits Hockey Association and will be required to settle all fees prior to being allowed to complete registration.  No player will be allowed to skate with past fees owing. As of Nov 20th, all players not in good standing and who have not paid their fees and or missed a payment on their payment plans will be taken off the ice by the London Bandit Board.  Letters will be sent out to parents who are at risk of this occurring, if this is not complied with and efforts are not made, we will be forced to remove a child from their time on the ice. 


A $150 discount is provided for the third  child and any  subsequent children for families registering three or more children at the same time will received 50.00 off any additional child. 


MD Bump Up Fee’s

-see chart below


Tryouts-    The MD/BB program - all players wishing to attend Evaluations must choose the evaluation package plus be registered and have paid a portion of their registration costs to attend Evaluations.   No player may step on the ice without being registered for the London Bandits.   

All players making an MD/ BB program -will be sent a separate link to pay their bump up fees through the HCR system. Parents will be able to pay by credit card and or e-transfer  and their sponsorship can only be applied to their teams fees not bump up fees.  

Deadline for Bump up fee's payment is November 15th 2024.



Associations are to provide MD teams 6 hours of ice per month, excluding Novice and the team must the pay for any additional.

Tryout fee’s

Evaluation SKATES-

 All players interested in tryout for the MD/BB program must pay a minimum of 100.00 on their account in order to tryout for the MD/BB team. Please note your registration fee of 50 percent paid counts for the 100.00. No need to send in extra money.  No player will be allowed on the ice unless payment has been received and they have signed up for evaluation on the registration system.(Questionnaire)  We will not chase parents - you will simply told no they can't go on the ice if there is no payment. Please send your e-transfer as soon as your register to avoid any embarrassing moments at the ice. 

This is Mandatory - only needs to be done once- all new players must have this. 

The parent respect in sport program is a mandatory course that parent will need to complete. Only one parent will need to complete this course on behalf of their child/children registered. 

Link to this Parent Respect in Sport can be found here: https://alliancehockeyparent.respectgroupinc.com/koala_final/ 

If you have more than one child in your family please follow these instructions 

Please follow the instructions below to link your children to your completed Respect in Sport.


Log in to respect in sport website below:


Login with your username and password.

Click on “Profile” (upper left)

Click on “Child Management” and add any children not showing on your profile.

Select London Bandits as your association.


Rowan's Law
Rowan's law must be completed yearly,  Each parent will complete their child's rowan's law when they register online.   
All coaching staff, bench staff, volunteers, team managers, members must also complete the rowans law online.  


Registration fee minus 55.00 administrative fee  until September 1st, 
Registration fee minus 100.00 cancellation fee , plus  the administrative fee of 55.00 until November 1st, 
After November 1st there will be no refunds. 



GLHA 2024-2025 SEASON

Age Groups


Early Bird Fees for 2024-205 season HL
and BB

Cost as of August 1st 2024

BB program

2024/2025 fees








U7 - Init. Program (IP)

$ 410.00

$ 410.00




U8 - Minor Novice

$ 675.00

$ 750.00

$ 150.00



U9 - Major Novice

$ 675.00

$ 750.00

$ 275.00



U10 - Minor Atom

$ 700.00

$ 775.00

$ 500.00 

$ 1,350.00


U11 - Major Atom

$ 700.00

$ 775.00

$ 500.00

$ 1350.00 


U12 - Minor PeeWee

$ 780.00

$ 855.00

$ 500.00

$ 1500.00 


U13 - Major PeeWee

$ 780.00

$ 855.00

$ 500.00

$ 1550.00 


U14 - Minor Bantam

$ 845.00

$ 920.00

$ 500.00

$ 1,600.00


U15 - Major Bantam

$ 845.00

$ 920.00

$ 500.00

$ 1,600.00


U16 - Minor Midget

$ 670.00

$ 745.00

$ 700.00

$ 1,600.00


U18 - Major Midget

$ 670.00

$ 745.00

$ 700.00

$ 1,600.00








U21 - Juvenile

$ 435.00

$ 435.00



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