2021-2022, Seasons (London Bandits)

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Minor Development
  • 0 - 0 - 4
    2021-2022 Minor Novice MD Black U8
    Coached by Kevin Caulfield. Team staff include Mike Marostega, Darroll Powe, Travis Reddy , Mike Therrien . Latest news: "Final Roster" (Oct 05).
  • 0 - 10 - 2
    2021-2022 Novice Tier 1 MD Black U9
    Coached by Jared Campbell. Team staff include Matt Clark, Matthew Perrie , Tristan Kolkman, Kevin Vandenberghe, Ashley Servos. Latest news: "Final Roster " (Oct 03).
  • 27 - 12 - 6
    2021-2022 Atom MD Black U11
    Coached by Jack Boyce. Team staff include Paul Benanati, Jon Carrothers, Scott Clark , Melizza Benenati. Latest news: "Final Roster" (Oct 04).
  • 5 - 20 - 2
    2021-2022 Minor Peewee MD Black U12
    Coached by Beau Chafee. Team staff include Jason Hart, John Gilkes, Mike Clements, Matthew Peloza , Cindy Smith-Rex. Sponsored by 3M, ATLAS, BRODCO, Drew Johnson, FCGC, Fowler Kennedy, Joan Ball, London Pump Supply. Latest news: "Final Roster..." (Oct 03).
  • 6 - 18 - 4
    2021-2022 Peewee MD Black U13
    Coached by Shawn Reidy. Team staff include Inshan Rahaman, Ryan Wilkins, Zoe Gardiner. Sponsored by Pink Precast, ADJ, Adrenaline Paintball, Advantage Machine and Tool, WATT Solutions, Davis Martindale, Pond Mills Pharmacy, Look At That Landscape, Boston Pizza, YUREK Pharmacy and Home Healthcare, Legacy Tattoo, CPA International Investigations Inc., The Whitney Group, Tint Factory, Opseu 116, London Mat Industries Ltd, ACUREN, Finch Auto Group, DAYMAN ELECTRICAL Inc., Kutchin of Canada, Argyle Tax, Falcon Internet Services, Tommy Gun's original barbershop, Lerners LLP, Pride Contracting. Latest news: "Picture Day" (Nov 03).
  • 6 - 16 - 5
    2021-2022 Minor Bantam MD Black U14
    Coached by Rick Succee. Team staff include Andrew Raymer, Seth Raymer, Brad Cull, Gayle Moore. Sponsored by Dentistry 390 West, Misteelco Inc, Tim Hortons, Clarendon Technologies Inc, Old South Dentistry, Stridas, CCraft Holdings Limited, Johnny's Restaurant, Cosmo Dental Centre, Look At That Landscape, Top Shelf Renos, London Kitchen Studio, Gen 7 Fuel Oneida, Carbon Edge Corporation, Kathryn Getliffe Insurance Agency Inc. Latest news: "Parent Meeting" (Oct 06).
  • 14 - 22 - 4
    2021-2022 Bantam MD Black U15
    Coached by Chris Ferguson . Team staff include John Ralf, Travis Clarke, Ian Colquhoun, Ron Kesteloot, Amanda Newcombe. Latest news: "U15 London Bandits Roster 2021/22" (Sep 21).
  • No Scores Reported2021-2022 Mustang
    No coaches have been assigned to this team.
  • No Scores Reported2021-2022 Buffer Ice
    No coaches have been assigned to this team.
Minor Novice U8
Novice U9
Minor Atom U10
Atom U11
  • 3 - 12 - 1
    2021-2022 Bandits A4
    Coached by Jeff Gellatly. Team staff include Shawn Walters, Adam Woolley, Roxanne Woolley.
  • 6 - 6 - 3
    2021-2022 Bandits B4
    Coached by Jake Morgan. Team staff include Fady Faddoul, Amy Smith.
Peewee U13
Minor Bantam U14
Minor/Major Bantam U14 and U15
Minor Midget U16
Midget U18
Juvenile U21
Initiation Program
Other Teams
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